AED Rentals

REMSA offers AED rentals for special events and large gatherings. AED rentals come with all of the benefits of service from the REMSA Education and Training Center.

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REMSA's turnkey AED Program can help make sure that your designated employees are trained to use AED equipment. You will have peace of mind knowing that your business has implemented a prudent, comprehensive AED program under the guidance of REMSA's medical professionals.

Medical Direction

The medical director will provide medical protocols and medical oversight to your employees and to the AED program in general. More..

Emergency Response Plan

As part of the AED program, REMSA's professionals will work with your staff in developing or reviewing a cost- effective


REMSA paramedics and nurses will implement a 4-hour training program for your designated employees in CPR

Quality Assurance and Support

REMSA provides timely review and feedback on the outcome of each incident by reviewing the AED machine clinical data, our ambulance More..