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UNR Athletics and REMSA Partner for Coaches Sports Injury Clinics

UNR Sports Medicine Athletic Trainers and REMSA Educators are teaming up to provide youth coaches, athletes, and their parents with an introduction to preventing common sports injuries and how to treat them to reduce further complications.

More than 38 million children and adolescents participate in sports each year in the United States and of those nearly 3.5 million receive medical treatment for sports related injuries. Knowing how to prevent these injuries and how to respond when they happen is the key to reducing the amount of children suffering from unnecessary long term complications.

University of Nevada Sports Medicine athletic trainers and REMSA educators will present an overview of common sports related injuries and steps coaches, parents, and athletes can take to prevent them. Participants will also learn how to deal with common injuries and how to identify those that need more immediate care and evaluation.

Participants in the clinic will receive a free water bottle as well as a basic first aid kit to keep with them for immediate care needs at events while supplies last. Take a little time and learn some important skills that may make the difference in a childs life.

Sports Injury Clinic.

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