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You Can’t predict sudden cardiac arrest, but you can prepare for it…

Every day, more than 1,000 Americans suffer a sudden cardiac arrest… where the heart’s rhythm suddenly becomes chaotic and the heart stops abruptly. Victims lose consciousness, with death usually following quickly… unless someone restores a normal heart rhythm within five to seven minutes.

Since most victims suffer an arrest away from a hospital, more than 95 percent of them die… because life saving easy-to-use automatic external defibrillators (AEDs)are not there to apply an external “shock” to restore the hearts rhythm.

The American Heart Association estimates that 20,000 or more deaths could be prevented each year if AEDs were more widely available to everyone… including your employees who might be first on scene of a cardiac arrest at your company.

Putting AEDs in place for your company can mean the difference between life and death for customers or employees who fall victim to this catastrophic condition.

REMSA’s AED Program can help make sure that your designated employees are trained to use AED equipment. You will have peace of mind knowing that your business has implemented a prudent, comprehensive AED program under the guidance of REMSA’s medical professionals.

REMSA can help make sure that you are better prepared to help save lives until REMSA’s Paramedics arrive. Through customized training and refresher programs, inspection and clinical support services, you will be better prepared to use your AED. Additionally, with REMSA the oversight of REMSA’s medical director, a board certified, experienced emergency physician, your program will have the protocols and medical leadership needed to make your AED program a success.

REMSA is uniquely prepared to help you

REMSA knows and understands how to give lifesaving emergency care in the pre-hospital setting, whether that’s on a downtown Reno street, in a high-rise hotel room, or in the middle of a huge manufacturing plant. We’re specialists, from our highly trained paramedics on our advanced life support ambulances, in our medical 9-1-1 dispatch center, to the critical care nurses Care Flight, to the skilled education professionals who teach our courses.

REMSA is a Nevada state certified training center for emergency responders and is the professional emergency medical services provider for all of Washoe County and the surrounding area; don’t settle for anything less

REMSA is at the heart of the emergency medical service continuum. We’re the first to take your medical 9-1-1 call, and we also provide that critical link to the hospital emergency rooms and the medical community. REMSA has the unique ability to effectively integrate your AED program into the community-wide emergency medical system.

The vital services REMSA provides

REMSA will provide a turnkey program with these components once you have purchased your AED:

Medical Direction

The medical director will provide medical protocols and medical oversight to your employees and to the AED program in general. The medical director’s protocols are based upon national emergency and cardiac care guidelines.


REMSA paramedics and nurses will implement a 4-hour training program for your designated employees in CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and the proper use of the AED. It also includes an orientation on how to work effectively with basic life support/first responders, as well as the advanced life support professionals from REMSA or Care Flight. AED training includes use of the REMSA training equipment and supplies and each trainee receives take-home training information, a CPR certification card and a certificate of completion.

As you hire new employees who will be designated as AED operators, they can be conveniently trained at one of REMSA’s AED training sessions held periodically at the REMSA center at 450 Edison Way in Reno.

Then to help your employees stay proficient, REMSA will provide an on-site refresher course six months after the initial training.

Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and Support

As part of the AED program, REMSA’s professionals will work with your staff in developing or reviewing a cost- effective and comprehensive Emergency Response Plan that includes:

  • strong emergency notification system and policy
  • communications network established with emergency response providers and hospitals
  • written, effective AED policy and procedures, including working with your current plan to keep costs down
  • AED equipment inspection program and policy
  • customized equipment and return-to-service plan

Quality Assurance and Support Services

Additionally, REMSA is uniquely able to provide support to you and your staff by:

  • providing timely review and feedback on the outcome of each incident by reviewing the AED machine clinical data, our ambulance patient reports and hospital follow-up information after each AED incident
  • providing recommendations by our medical director and other emergency professionals to help identify where more training or procedural changes can benefit your program
  • keeping the records and documents of your employee’s training status

The value of professional training and support

The fees for all of these critical components of a comprehensive AED program are nominal, especially when you consider the value, the peace of mind, and the benefits to you, your employees, and customers.

Your emergency medical services specialists

It’s easy and quick to get your AED program started with REMSA’s help. For assistance or more information, you can contact us at (775) 858-5700.

We can also help your organization with other emergency services training such as basic first aid, CPR, or bio-hazardous exposure and prevention training programs); emergency services coverage for your special events with paramedics on foot, bike or with a fully-equipped ambulance; or for help in developing your emergency response plans. REMSA… we’re the professional resource that can help make sure you’re protected in an emergency.

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