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2006 Annual JEMS Games

Benjamin McDermott (EMT-P), Heidi Johnson (EMT-P), and Adam Heinz (EMT-I) competed in their first ever competition in the Annual JEMS Games at the 2006 EMS Today Conference in Baltimore, Maryland.
The Preliminary Competition consists of performing critical prehospital assessment skills and treatment rendered to simulated patients. The REMSA team moved on to the finals to compete against four veteran teams.

he Final Scenario was based on an aeromedical accident involving multiple patients. The teams completed against each other while reacting to and managing a number of patient assessments, treatment, and transportation challenges. Scoring was based on skill, speed, and technical accuracy. The lead paramedic wore a wireless microphone to allow the audience to hear the team communications.
At the conclusion of the competition the team was told they handled the scenario with “eerie calm”. The Team returns with a Bronze Medal, $500.00 prize, and over a thousands dollars worth of EMS equipment.

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